Views From The Top: A green planet is good for business

BBP contributed its views on opportunities and challenges for businesses as they decarbonize their operations for The Business Times’ Views From The Top as follows: “Many businesses are concerned about costs associated with decarbonisation, leading to a lack of clarity on suitable mechanisms and roadmap to decarbonise their operations. There are already proven solutions out […]

Barghest’s novel business model draws investors and customers

BBP has been featured in The Business Time today (5 October) as part of the series, “Keep Growing” by Enterprise Singapore. The full-page feature titled “Barghest’s novel business model draws investors and customers” mentions BBP’s three-year strategy that focuses on four growth pillars – land & expand, acquiring new customers, collaborating with players in and […]

Singapore energy-efficiency startup making inroads into Indonesia

BBP has been quoted in The Business Time on Indonesia’s transition to a sustainable economy. At present, BBP serves customers like Agung Podomoro Land, Artha Graha and Keppel Land in Indonesia, which contributes between 10% to 15% of the business. With expected increase of cooling systems from now till 2040, BBP sees the growth potential in […]

Views From The Top: Embarking on The Green Journey

BBP contributed its views about carbon trading for The Business Times’ Views From The Top as follows: “Carbon trading, used in tandem with businesses’ sustainability roadmaps, could enable companies to work towards carbon neutrality in a sustainable manner. Leveraging on the purchase of carbon offset credits, businesses could continue to look into their existing carbon […]

Startup uses data science to help buildings go green

BPP is attracting international coverage for its innovative use of data analytics to reduce energy costs, such as a February 14 feature by TechWire Asia (link). CEO Poyan Rajamand told TechWire that BPP’s technology solutions offer a range of benefits. Clients benefit from savings of up to 30% ($2M USD per year) in climate control […]

BBP being featured in e27

In the last two decades, energy efficiency has become a buzzword used in everything from large-scale businesses looking to reduce their costs, to light bulbs being sold in the market. There seems to be a somewhat universal goal of achieving energy efficiency that businesses globally are taking part in. Read the full story at e27