BBP served on the E&E Outlook panel hosted by Frost & Sullivan

Mr. Poyan Rajamand, founder of the energy efficiency start-up BBP, recently served on the E&E Outlook panel hosted by Frost & Sullivan. Following a comprehensive Frost & Sullivan briefing that examined trends in energy/power and environments/buildings, Mr. Rajamand drew on his own work and industry expertise to share his unique insights during a larger discussion as the audience was invited to consider the top three issues in their own industries.

The presentation began with an overview of the Asia Pacific power and energy industry in 2018, predicting 10 trends and showing how investments would be affected by global events, industry developments, and emerging markets. Mr. Ravi from Frost & Sullivan presented different energy sources (oil, gas, nuclear, solar, renewables) and aspects (refining, storage), demonstrating both risks and windows of opportunity. One of his key findings for energy and power was a focus on bundling of services in an increasingly competitive power retail market.

Frost & Sullivan then identified 8 trends in environments and buildings, showing how developments in business and technology continue to drive rapid change in this ecosystem. The research showed how different consumers (individuals, corporations, and governments) drive different types of demand, in turn leading to strong ROI in areas ranging from LEDs to water utilities. One of his key insights for buildings and environments was that digitalization will be key to this industry. Companies who respond to this new demand more quickly than competitors will likely see greater returns.

Frost & Sullivan, the organization sponsoring the panel, is a business consulting firm specializing in growth partnerships. Frost & Sullivan’s work enables clients to accelerate growth, develop leadership, and foster innovation in emerging businesses.

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