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What We Do

Our Approach

BBP is committed to helping our customers to achieve their energy efficiency goals

How do we do it?

Step 1

Data Collection (1 Week)

BBP engineers perform a site audit where they gather necessary technical and operational information at no cost to our clients.

Step 2

Savings Calculation (2 Weeks)

BBP engineers simulate impact of BBP algorithm on existing system, calculating the magnitude of energy potential savings.

Step 3
Step 3

Commercial Negotiation

BBP can offer its solution in a variety of commercial arrangements, including fully funded option.

Step 4

Installation (8 Weeks)

BBP installs equipment needed for BBP’s patent pending algorithm to optimize the operation of existing plant without introducing any operational risk.

Step 5

Cloud Supported Performance Management

BBPs central monitoring system uses Advanced Alarm algorithms to support a team of sector experts that ensure sustained savings over time.

Step 6

Advanced Analytics

BBP uses advanced analytics to extract unique insights from live data and fine tune parameters of our algorithm for continuous improvement of our solution.


Sample Report For Chiller Plant Energy Efficiency Improvement

Why We Are Unique

BBP's solution can be customised to any central chiller plant, independent of age and brand

What makes BBP different?

Many companies in the Energy Efficiency space offer advice on how to improve energy efficiency or sell a new piece of equipment that helps customers save energy. We do neither. We offer a solution that helps buildings operate their existing equipment better and thereby achieve long term measureable and sustainable energy saving. Our solution is always paid through the savings we achieve over the long term, which aligns our incentive with that of our clients. If our clients don’t achieve any energy savings, we don’t get paid.

We focus on Air Conditioning Systems since its the most energy intensive system in a building, but can offer a range of other energy efficiency related services.

Financing Solutions

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