Contract Negotiation

We have various financing options to choose from including the fully funded option.

Contract Negotiation

If you’re satisfied with our energy audit report and are interested in availing our energy efficiency services, we offer the following financing options:

  1. Shared Savings
    We only get paid when you save. The share of savings and the duration of the contractual period will be determined while drawing up the contract terms.
  2. Leasing
    We guarantee a specified amount of energy savings for a given period in return for a fixed, monthly fee. A penalty schedule is drawn up should our solution fail to obtain the estimated savings during that period.
  3. Outright Purchase
    We charge the full investment costs upfront. In return, we guarantee a specified amount of energy savings for a pre-defined period while any and all savings are yours to accrue.
 All savings are verified by an independent third party.
The energy savings report shows the energy usage before and after installation and is prepared by an independent third party.

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