The Process

We are committed to delivering innovative technology solutions combined with attractive financing solutions to help our customers reach their energy efficiency goals.

Continuous Improvement

Our cloud-based solution continuously monitors equipment performance. The solution’s algorithms are continuously fine-tuned to improve energy efficiency based on the data and measurements collected from the site.

BBP’s solution employs the latest in data analytics to extract unique insights from real time data. The algorithm parameters are fine-tuned based on this data to increase the effectiveness of our solution. This in turn helps your plant’s HVAC systems operate in the most energy-efficient manner.

Our Cloud Based Remote Monitoring and Data Analytics module can help our clients in accessing the data for internal analysis, benchmarking as well as remote monitoring and alarm purposes.

Cloud-Base Remote Monitoring

Once our solution is installed, you can monitor the performance of your HVAC systems from anywhere and through any compatible mobile device. Our energy-monitoring system linked to our on-site solution runs in the cloud so your facility managers and maintenance staff can be up to date and efficient even from remote locations. Your staff can even elect to receive emails or SMS alarms in case KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) deteriorate. Portfolio owners can also have a comprehensive overview of all their different assets from a central location.

Advance alarms

Supported by our in-house experts that have full data visibility for root cause analysis.

BBP Asset Management: Powered by data, BBP Asset Management System brings expert maintenance and repair knowledge to everyone working with HVAC operation and maintenance. Real-time analysis of data helps your staff track performance and enables proactive maintenance by providing easy access to the relevant equipment checklists, repair guides and manuals.

BBP’s Customized Reports

Generate reports that area easily customized based on staff designation, equipment type, geographical location and more.

Auto Reports

BBP and the client technical team can customize detailed auto reports as support for operation and maintenance of the HVAC plant.

Onsite Data and Advanced Analytics

BBP uses onsite data and advanced analytics to design a site-specific control strategy.

Data Analytics: Our installed sensors and monitoring equipment continuously measure your equipment’s performance and transmit this data to the cloud. Using the latest data analytics technology, our solution enables various internal analyses, reporting and benchmarking of performance data.


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