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We combine deep understanding of different systems with ability to design automated solutions

Central Chiller Plants are the single largest consumer of energy in a typical commercial building in tropical climates, accounting for between 40 – 60% of the total electricity bill. Substantial savings in energy can be obtained by focusing on the fundamental characteristics of each part of the HVAC system while optimizing the operation at system level.

Continuously optimizing the interaction between the different parts of the HVAC system leads to optimal cooling load in the most energy efficient manner.

BBP System

Can be installed independent of age and brand of current equipment

Can work with any BMS or operate independently

Non-Intrusive; Does not require interruption in operations for installation

Maintains Cooling Requirement while delivering lower energy consumption for Central Cooling Plant

Accurately measure and optimise chiller plant performance

Why E²Accura?

Low Cost Plug And Play Installation With Pre-defined Termination For Temperature, Flow And Power
Low cost plug and play installation with pre-defined termination for temperature, flow and power
Compliant With Green Mark M&V Requirements
Compliant with Green Mark M&V requirements
Calculates And Displays KW/RT At Minute/second Level
Calculates and displays kW/RT at minute/second level
Applicable To Any Chiller Plant
Applicable to any chiller plant
HMI Panel With User Friendly Graphics
HMI panel with user friendly graphics
Ability To Change Temperature Sensor ABC Constants
Ability to change temperature sensor ABC constants
Ability To Store And Access Historical Data
Ability to store and access historical data

Optional Features

Integration With Existing BMS
Integration with existing BMS
SCADA Visualisation
SCADA visualisation
Expansion To Full Chiller Plant Control System
Expansion to full chiller plant control system
Installation Of Chiller Plant Optimization Algorithm
Installation of Chiller Plant Optimization algorithm

BBP Asset Management

Next Generation Maintenance System for Improved Productivity

BBP Asset Management System is an intelligent data driven maintenance system which helps facility managers and technicians monitor and analyse equipment performance, and act on unpredicted errors that may occur in the chiller plant.



BBP Asset Management System is a highly automated cloud based system that brings expert maintenance and repair knowledge to everyone working with HVAC operation and maintenance.


Connect all existing HVAC equipment to one maintenance system

  • Equipment level QR code tagging allows for monitoring current and historical performance of all equipment in one system
  • Gather different data input sources under one system

Cloud Based Platform

Get access to relevant information across the organization, independent of location

  • Access expertise regardless of location through the cloud based system
  • Mobile access through handheld devices ensures support at the point of service delivery


The mobile platform that is accessed with handheld device helps in data collection accuracy and data visualization. Powerful analyzing tools creates real time insights from data gathered at site.

Track Performance

Visualization of key performance indicators

  • Easily track equipment level performance
  • Analyze readings and trends to create insights on how to increase efficiency and decrease costs


Easy-access to information and equipment documentation

  • Current and historical equipment performance
  • Manuals and troubleshooting lists
  • Maintenance and repair logs


Pre-defined checklists help translate insights into immediate actions normally performed by experts.


Early detection when pre-defined limits are exceeded

  • Auto-messaging when pre-set limits are exceeded during data gathering stage. This increases the awareness of potential problems and help in early rectification
  • Visualizing monetary impact of performance deterioration will help in task prioritization

Checklists and Reports

Tailored checklists to every equipment guides user performing advanced tasks

  • Pre-designed checklists and reports will increase accuracy of data gathering
  • Pre-defined repair procedure can help user in partly or fully addressing the problem

Moving from paper forms to intelligent automated processes leads to


Increase in warranty cost recovery


Improved energy savings


Reduction in maintenance, labor and contractor costs


Reduction in maintenance material costs

Monitoring and Data Analytics

We help our clients to improve their Facilities Management operations at portfolio and asset level


Cloud Based Remote Monitoring and Data Analytics

BBP’s Chiller Plant Optimization solution gathers massive amount of data in order to operate the system in the most energy efficient manner.

Our Cloud Based Remote Monitoring and Data Analytics module can help our clients in accessing the data for internal analysis, benchmarking as well as remote monitoring and alarm purposes.

The system increases the efficiency of operational staff by allowing them to monitor the system via mobile devices and to receive email/SMS alarms in case Key Performance Indicators deteriorate. The system can also be used by portfolio owners to have a holistic view of all their different assets at a central location.

Value Added Maintenance

Our maintenance service is data driven and focuses on predictive maintenance

BBP plant optimisation system gathers minute level data across the entire plant. We can therefore detect equipment and performance deterioration quicker and ensure they are fully rectified. Our data driven maintenance is helping our clients to maintain desired plant efficiency and prolong equipment life cycle.

Scope of Services

  • FCU and AHU regular servicing
  • Pumps regular servicing
  • Cooling Tower (CT) regular servicing
  • BAS monitoring

Green Mark Services

Our in-house KQP can help our clients to reach their Green Mark goals independent of clients' current standing

Achieving the pre-requisite Chiller Plant Efficiency is often the hardest part of achieving Green Mark Certification.

By optimising Client Chiller Plant, BBP can guarantee that our clients will pass the hardest part of the Green Mark Certification process.

Our team members have been involved in numerous energy efficiency projects, helping clients reach a cumulative energy savings over 35 Million kWh/Year, as well as well as being involved in 4 Green Mark Gold, 1 Green Mark GoldPlus and 4 Green Mark Platinum projects.

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