Taiwan aims to become Asia’s green building hub

Taiwan aims to become Asia’s green building hub

Taiwan’s push to become Asia’s green building hub is now seeing fruition, Victoria Jen reported in the Channel News Asia recently. Home-grown companies are launching new, eco-friendly technologies even as international companies are getting ready to set up factories in the country. 

Green Energy Technology, producer of a new range of solar panels, is one of the many Taiwanese firms focusing on green technology. International players too are recognizing the country’s potential as a major player in the sustainability space. US-based Kinestral Technologies has selected Miaoli County in Central Taiwan as the site of its first and biggest smart-tinting glass factory in Asia. From Taiwan, Kinestral hopes to expand into China and the rest of Asia. 

Taiwan has been a green buildings pioneer in Asia, being the first to adopt the green building rating system in 1999. Between 2007 and 2017, the number of green buildings on the island jumped more than 80 per cent to nearly 7000, saving up to 20 per cent in electricity and 30 per cent in water usage a year. While the initial focus was on green factories, the trend soon expanded to green buildings. Government buildings are now required to comply with the green building rating system. 

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