Building a Green Singapore

In a recent article for The Straits Times, reporter Derek Wong showcased Barghest Building Performance (BBP) as one of the top firms working with commercial and industrial buildings across Singapore to increase equipment efficiency, improve energy management, and save costs.

Wong notes that BBP’s work has come to the foreground recently as Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) intends for 80% of the city to be “green,” or energy-saving, by 2030. Many firms and developers have answered this challenge.

But while developers focus on designing new buildings that will need less energy from the start, BBP concentrates on existing buildings, using data analytics and real-time control to help building managers save the costs of both excess energy and pricey new equipment.

So far, BBP’s solutions have saved its clients millions of dollars per year with only minimal changes to existing infrastructure. 

Read the full story on Straits Times: Building a Green Singapore.

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