New certification scheme for engineers in industry energy efficiency

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has just announced the launch of a joint scheme with the Institution of Engineers (IES). This new scheme supports energy efficiency (EE) efforts by certifying engineers with technical expertise and practical experience in improving industrial energy performance, thus qualifying them to conduct Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessments (EEOAs) for industrial facilities.

The EEO Assessor scheme was announced at the 8th annual Energy Efficiency National Partnership (EENP) Awards by Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources, Dr. Amy Khor. Dr. Khor introduced the scheme as a way to inspire engineers “to build a career in energy efficiency [and] support Singapore’s journey towards a low-carbon future.”

This year the EENP Awards, which provide companies a place to learn and adopt best energy management practices, also recognized 15 organizations and individuals for their work in lowering energy consumption across Singapore’s industrial sector. BBP and HP were two of the 10 companies commended during the awards for the  innovative use of BBPs control solution and  data analytics to reduce energy consumption in HP manufacturing plant.

With its new EEO Assessor scheme, the NEA is creating a new way for companies regulated under the Energy Conservation Act (ECA) to assess and improve their energy usage. This will be a crucial step in reducing industrial carbon emissions, which currently account for approximately 60% of Singapore’s greenhouse gas emissions.

To become certified under this new scheme, potential EEO Assessors will be evaluated by a panel of NEA- and IES-nominated professionals. This panel will assess prospects’ knowledge, experience, and capabilities, seeking candidates who can lead EEOAs in accordance with international standards such as ISO 50002- Energy Audits. Once qualified and certified, new EEO Assessors will be added to an online register from which the IES can match assessors with industrial clients seeking energy management advice. Engineers who are interested in becoming certified EEO Assessors can apply at Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) Assessor website.

For full details on the new EEO Assessor scheme and 2018 EENP Award winners, please see the NEA’s media release.