Energy Sustainability Engineer (HVAC / Energy Conservation) 永續發展能源工程師(HVAC空調系統 / 節能)(Taiwan)

Purpose of the role

The position is responsible for conducting Level 1 to Level 3 Energy Audit of HVAC systems, identifying and qualifying energy efficiency opportunities in new and existing buildings through the improvement of HVAC systems. The Energy Sustainability Engineer will be responsible for the design, development, and evaluation of the opportunity to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency of the HVAC systems.

Main Accountabilities

  1. Support Sales in the pre-qualification and conduct desktop analysis of the client opportunity
  2. Plan, organize, lead internal team to implement site measurement plans and deploy instruments to measure parameters such as water flow rate, water pressure, energy consumption, temperatures, etc.
  3. Perform on-site energy efficiency audits to identify Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) on HVAC systems (Chillers, Pumps, Cooling Towers, Air Handling Units)
  4. Perform conceptual design, analysis, preparing BOQ of the ECM and present the proposal to sales and management
  5. Coordinate, lead and inspect on-site work and installations performed by suppliers, consultants, and contractors during on-site survey
  6. Ensure a clear documentation for proper project hand-over with the Project Team and supports the Project Team during kick-off phase


  1. Degree or Diploma in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, Controls, Energy or Environmental Engineering
  2. 2-5 years’ experience in an Energy or Mechanical Engineering position.
  3. Professional Energy/Sustainability related certification such as Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM), BCA Energy Auditor, or BCA Green Mark Accredited Professional is a plus
  4. Specialist qualification in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning and Energy Management will be an added advantage
  5. Strong knowledge of energy efficiency methodology of HVAC system (Chillers, Pumps, Cooling Towers, Air Handling Units)
  6. Strong knowledge of refrigeration system will be an added advantage
  7. Hands-on experience of instrumentation installations (power meters, temperature sensors, and pressure sensors, flow meters) is preferred
  8. Good knowledge in MS Office, especially in-depth knowledge in MS Excel
  9. Strong written and oral communication skills for customer interaction and report writing
  10. A willingness to learn and work in a team environment with extensive contact with clients
  11. Ability to work autonomously and independent with little oversight
  12. Independent and self-starter with strong analytical and troubleshooting skills


該職位負責對HVAC 系統進行1 級到 3 級的能源查核,透過改善 HVAC 系統的方式以識別或鑑定新建築和現有建築的能源效率的機會。永續發展能源工程師將負責設計、開發和評估降低能源成本和提高 HVAC 系統能源效率的機會。


  1. 協助業務人員對客戶機會進行預審以及資料分析
  2. 策劃、組織、帶領內部團隊實施現場測量計劃,部署儀器測量水流量、水壓、能耗、溫度等參數。
  3. 執行現場能效 查核以確定 HVAC 系統(冷水機組、泵、冷卻塔、空氣處理機組)的節能措施 (ECM)
  4. 進行ECM的概念設計、分析、準備BOQ,並向銷售和管理層提交提案
  5. 協調、領導和檢查供應商、顧問和承包商在現場查驗期間進行的現場工作和安裝
  6. 確保與專案團隊正確且完整移交專案的文檔,並在啟動階段支援專案團隊


  1. 電機或機械工程、控制、能源或環境工程相關科系畢業
  2. 2-5 年的能源或機械工程相關工作經驗。
  3. 能源 / 永續發展相關認證,如新加坡能源管理人才認證 (SCEM)、BCA 認證的能源審計師或 BCA 綠色標誌認證專業認證優先錄取
  4. 具備冷凍、空調和能源管理專業將是加分條件
  5. 對 HVAC 系統(冷水機組、水泵、冷卻水塔、空調機組)的能效方法有深入了解
  6. 熟悉冷凍系統者優先錄取
  7. 有儀表安裝(功率計、溫度傳感器、壓力傳感器、流量計)安裝經驗者優先
  8. 精通MS Office,尤其是MS Excel
  9. 具備良好的寫作以及口語溝通能力以因應和客戶的互動及書面報告的撰寫
  10. 願意在團隊中學習、工作,並與客戶有廣泛接觸
  11. 能夠獨立自主地工作
  12. 獨立自主且具有良好的分析和故障排除能力
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