D-Next Program

Energy-efficiency startup BBP shone at the February 1 roadshow held by Thai accelerator D-NEXT. BBP founder Mr. Poyan Rajamand stood out among startup leaders from across Singapore, wowing accelerator judges with BBP’s innovative solutions for helping companies save energy. Taking first place at the Singapore audition means that Mr. Rajamand and BBP now continue on as one of 30 finalists for the next round on March 9th.

BBP has been making waves in the energy and power industry lately, with its technology that adds a layer of intelligence to existing climate control systems. Climate control systems are costly, being the largest energy drain in commercial real estate and the second-largest source of energy use in the industrial space. BPP’s technology, though, can reduce these costs by up to 40%.

BBP approaches the problem of costly climate control systems with a structured approach. To begin, BPP engineers conduct site audits and calculate how much in energy savings could potentially be achieved by BBP technology These solutions are customized to the needs of each particular building and customer. After installing its advanced control system, BPP continues to provide cloud-supported performance management and uses advanced analytics to monitor and fine-tune each BBP system.

The advanced analytics side of BPP’s solutions is the company’s key differentiator from competitors. BPP uses unique site data from clients’ own buildings in two ways: first, for remote monitoring, which enables the company to detect and address problems without disturbing clients’ routines. Second, and more importantly, this data is used to constantly fine-tune and improve the systems’ use in those particular buildings, optimizing savings even further.

BPP also facilitates client adaptation by implementing its technology solutions without any upfront cost. Instead, BPP will take a portion of the savings achieved as its payment – meaning that BPP only earns when its clients save.

For those who are inspired by the success of Mr. Rajamand and BBP, D-NEXT continues to offer opportunities for ASEAN startups!  The accelerator program was launched to support ideas and leaders with the potential for business expansion with the PTT Group.

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