To Get Covid-19 Relief, Companies in Canada Will Have to Disclose Climate Impacts

The Yale School of Environmental Studies has reported that companies in Canada will have to account for their environmental impact and commit to making “environmentally sustainable decisions” in order to qualify for economic aid during the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to apply for government loans, Canadian companies must commit to submitting reports that disclose how […]

This Is Your Brain on Green Buildings

Engineer Seabright McCabe reports that the University of Maryland is planning an innovative new green building that brings together neuroscience, engineering, and architecture. The new building will explore how green design and sustainable architecture benefit the people who live and work in such spaces. Three professors at the University of Maryland are collaborating to “develop, […]

From skyscrapers to office blocks, these award-winning buildings use sustainable ideas and tech

CNBC reporter Anmar Frangoul recently wrote about three green buildings recognized by the 2020 BREEAM Awards in March. This year’s BREEAM Awards, which showcase innovative sustainability projects from around the world, recognized the refurbished residential flats of Centre Point in London, the COFCO Landmark offices in Beijing, and the London School of Economics. Though each […]

The ESG premium: New perspectives on value and performance

McKinsey & Company, a world-renowned management consulting firm, has found that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues are a valuable focus for companies across all industries and sectors. Results from the latest McKinsey Global Survey, which focuses on investors and business executives, shows that there is both short-term and long-term value in ESG programs and […]

The many ways “green buildings” save

Rachel Layne of CBS News reviews how 40% of the world’s carbon emissions comes from buildings and discusses how the building industry is promoting new energy-efficiency standards to address this problem. Buildings must meet certain standards for water usage, electricity consumption, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) in order to be considered “green,” or […]

The innovative design of one of the world’s largest net-zero buildings

Marlene Cimens of GreenBiz writes about the Unisphere, which is the largest commercial net-zero building in the world. This major office building, headquarters of healthcare firm United Therapeutics, is located in Silver Springs, Maryland, USA, and uses many advanced technologies to be fully sustainable. One of the Unisphere’s most important net-zero features is the way […]