Major investment firm dumps Exxon, Chevron and Rio Tinto stock

The Guardian reports that Storebrand, an EU investor worth over $90B USD, has just dumped all of its stocks in several fossil fuel companies that have lobbied against green policies and climate change action. Storebrand is thought to be the first major investor to take this kind of direct step. The investment firm’s chief executive, […]

Billionaire Hohn-Backed Fund Seeks to Boost Clean Energy in Asia

Bloomberg Finance reports that a new fund, the South East Asia Clean Energy Facility, will be boosting clean energy initiatives across Asia in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn. The Facility, which is being managed by the Singapore company Clime Capital Management Pte., has already received $10M USD in investments and […]

Companies Rush to Burnish Their Green Credentials: Week in Green

Bloomberg reporter Josh Petri writes that, in the light of global warming, major companies around the world are stepping up to lower their carbon footprints and expand sustainable business initiatives. Companies that are serious about combatting climate crisis should focus on sustainable operations, energy efficiency, and renewables. Petri identifies some “encouraging signs” that even the […]

Covid-19 is accelerating ESG investing and corporate sustainability practices

George Kell, founding director of the UN Global Compact, writes that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is driving even greater interest in sustainable investing. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is now estimated to be worth more than $30 trillion USD, and COVID-19 sell-offs have not stopped its growth. Kell argues that new technologies, the environment, […]

Australia Funds Plan Five-Fold Increase in Climate Investment

Bloomberg has reported that Australian-led impact investments in climate change prevention, sustainable energy, green architecture, and similar initiatives will see a five-fold increase over the next five years. In a survey by Responsible Investment Association Australasia, over 90% of investment professionals who responded said that impact investments with a strong green or social component had […]