High costs and logistical issues: The challenges of greening Singapore’s older buildings

Channel News Asia reported that it’s often much trickier to green older developments than new ones. CAN reports that till date, 43% of building spaces in Singapore have been greened and of the remaining 57%, one-third are non-residential buildings, while the rest are residential. The report explored various factors that could be hindering more building […]

Cutting carbon a new focus area for Singapore under five-year research masterplan

The Straits Times has reported on several exciting new initiatives planned through the new Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) 2025 plan that the government of Singapore announced on Friday, December 11th. The RIE plan allocates $25Bn for a five-year plan that will help Singapore continue to thrive and build sustainability in a fast-moving, digital-first world […]

The Power of Efficient Cooling

The Economist’s Intelligence Unit has reported that a global transition to net-zero emissions can be accomplished better and more quickly by focusing on efficient cooling. HVAC systems are major producers of greenhouse gas emissions because they are often used during periods of peak inefficiency, such as running air conditioning units during high temperatures when it […]

Energy Efficiency Can Help Us Emerge from the Pandemic

Lara Ettenson, the director of the Energy Efficiency Initiative at NRDC, writes that the COVID-19 crisis and issues of energy efficiency are closely related. Energy saving programs can lower consumers’ bills, create healthier living situations, and create new jobs for the recently unemployed, and all of these things will help those suffering from COVID-19 and […]

Going ‘Deep Green,’ Office Buildings Give Back to the Planet

The New York Times recently reported that developers are showing renewed interest in environmentally conscious buildings, particularly a trend called “deep green” architecture. Where “going green” means causing less harm to the environment, “deep green” means actually benefitting the environment. Some “deep green” buildings generate their own power, while others address water pollution or human […]