BBP takes Singapore’s sustainable growth agenda forward with advanced analytics

Five-year-old Singaporean start-up, Barghest Building Performance (BBP), has been helping industrial and commercial buildings in Singapore enjoy increased energy savings from the optimization of their Air Conditioning Systems, the most energy intensive system in a building. What started as a passion project by two Stanford Graduates with an expertise in environmental solutions and finance, has quickly evolved into an innovative, award-winning solution, accredited by Singapore’s national government bodies such as the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), National Environment Agency (NEA) and Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

Singapore’s national smart building movement has gained much momentum and international recognition since the BCA set its goal of greening 80 percent of Singapore’s buildings by 2030 . BBP quickly understood that the way buildings operate in Singapore must change to support this goal. With support and grants from SPRING Singapore, BBP leverages advanced analytics to support a solution that improves the energy consumption of buildings. Recognizing that advanced analytics is key to further research and development (R&D) into energy efficiency for buildings, BBP approached SAS to collaborate.

Taking these efforts to the next level, BBP has been working with SAS since 2017 to help its customers improve energy efficiency. With 30 employees serving customers across the region in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, BBP is now looking to expand their innovation and capabilities to other emerging markets such as India, Philippines and Taiwan.

At the heart of BBP’s solution lies data analytics. The journey with SAS started with a Results as a Service project, where SAS worked closely with the team to define its business objectives and project scope, focused on delivering analytical models and results. This results-driven engagement was on a Cloud-based, high performing environment, allowing for quick and flexible deployment and value to be realized within just three months after data collection.

Full story at SAS Institute website: BBP takes Singapore’s sustainable growth agenda forward with advanced analytics

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