bbp announces new branding as it celebrates 10 years in energy efficiency industry

The new bbp logo represents its unique ability to reduce energy consumption, building a better planet. The symbol is in a green-blue gradient, representing the shift into a more sustainable world through patented software and technologies. The circular form of the bbp symbol conveys its aspirations to do its part for the circular economy. 

Barghest Building Performance, a Singapore-headquartered and KKR-backed energy efficiency company rebrands as bbp, unveiling its new logo, tagline, and business statements.  

This milestone comes as bbp turned 10 this year and saw the need to redefine its identity as it continues to help businesses and communities with decarbonisation efforts.  

Founded in 2012 to revolutionise the business of energy efficiency, bbp prides itself on delivering energy optimization through a holistic approach, ensuring payback since day one for customers who entrust their systems with bbp. 

While achieving consistent energy and cost savings, bbp continuously seeks new innovative solutions to make an impact in protecting our planet.  

With the mission above, bbp is also guided by values of accountability and winning together, to keep doing what it is meant to do – building a better planet.  

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