Singapore has just renamed the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE), which was formerly known as the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. This new name reflects a strong new focus on sustainability measures. Minister Grace Fu, who leads the MSE, has discussed these changes in many recent interviews, where she has also talked about what Singapore can do to increase sustainability in the future.

Today Online reports on a talk presented by Ms. Fu on Tuesday, August 18. In this talk, which was titled “Climate Action: Emerging Stronger From A Crisis,” Ms. Fu discussed how many ministries across the Singapore government are working on issues of sustainability and environmental impact. Resource recovery, energy efficiency, and impact management will be critical. Ms. Fu also said that there will be many new opportunities for growth in this sector.

Channel News Asia also reports on Ms. Fu’s talk, focusing on the different positions that may be available. They report that there will be opportunities for client scientists, engineers, waste management experts, food science technicians, and many more. Ms. Fu has pointed out that sustainability and environmental impact must be addressed from all angles.

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