Data analytics and automation give REITS more control

David Walsh, the founder and CEO of CIM Enviro, writes that building owners and managers are becoming increasingly more interested in property optimisation, especially the kind that they can control themselves instead of outsourcing to vendors.

The most common forms of optimization that Walsh identifies include increased energy efficiency, system performance, and fault detection, which can all be handled now through next generation technologies and big data analytics. This new combination is especially powerful because it works in real time and can do many things in quick succession: locate the problem area, survey the affected equipment, identify the errors, and determine the impact and solution for each fault.

Walsh points out that there are many benefits to using these technologies and analytics to optimise buildings. Tenant satisfaction will be increased; energy costs will be reduced; the overall portfolio will gain more visibility and value for every area where performance is improved. With all of these advantages, it makes sense for building owners and managers to begin researching the most up-to-date optimisation options available.

Read the rest of the article at The Sydney Morning Herald: Data analytics and automation give REITS more control

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