2019: Trends in Sustainable Real Assets

Brad Dockser, CEO of Green Generation Solutions, writes that his company observed four key trends in green real estate and sustainable building during 2018. Overall, he notes, companies moved away from talking about regulations and compliance, and started realizing that sustainability in itself was a good business practice. In addition to adding value to existing projects, an increased focus on green energy and sustainability improved new projects.

Dockser then lists the four trends observed last year. First, there was an increased interest in sustainable building and green real estate from both the public and private sectors. Second, “disruptive” technologies provided innovative new solutions to long-standing across all areas of building operations. Third, many companies focused more closely on building life cycles, acknowledging that upfront savings can lead to increased operating costs and inefficient systems. Fourth, companies and building owners began tracking energy expenditure, using that data to track and address waste. Dockser concludes by showing that there is a solid business case to be found in energy efficiency and sustainability.

Full story: 2019: Trends in Sustainable Real Assets

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