Helping Asia Go Green

The Mingtiandi real estate team reports that cities across Southeast Asia are positioned to attract over $200 trillion in investments for environmental improvements by 2030, according to findings from the International Finance Corporation. But private equity real estate firm Asia Green Real Estate had realized the critical role of sustainable real estate projects realized long before the rest of the industry – a reality reflected in their new name and ongoing company philosophy.

Diener Syz Real Estate has rebranded itself as Asia Green Real Estate after 9 years of investing in sustainable real estate projects across China and Indonesia. So far, their projects have covered over 32.4 million sq ft of properties and currently save about 22 million kWh of energy, 370 million litres of water, and 13,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

Asia Green partner Andrew Goodridge explained that the rebranding is a “natural progression” for the firm, as it emphasizes their commitment to sustainability in every investment.

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