Three Ways AI Can Create Healthier Real Estate Solutions

Sonny Kalsi, the founder and partner of Green Oak Real Estate asserts that artificial intelligence (AI) and other technology-oriented offerings can create healthier real estate solutions. He writes that AI can promote greater safety, comfort, and sustainability for real estate customers, and he sees these possibilities as a natural development of the global economy’s growing priority on health and wellness, which has made new tech-oriented startups worldwide worth $33.7 USD billion in total.

Kalsi writes that real estate can impact the communities and areas surrounding new projects in many ways, so the health and wellness of all parties are vital. For example, AI-driven real estate solutions can drive increased safety by providing better security, optimizing construction methods, and improving fault detection on new sites. Similarly, AI-enabled sensor technologies or microservices can increase comfort through health hazard notifications and systems tracking for HVAC, security, lighting, and more. Finally, AI-based data solutions can increase sustainability by monitoring the building’s environment and its energy usage to optimize energy efficiency.

Thus, Kalsi declares, AI-driven solutions “can offer new, balanced ways of living.” Read the rest of his article at Three Ways AI Can Create Healthier Real Estate Solutions

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