4 ways to apply green data center practices to building facilities

Mary Shacklett, president of technology research firm Transworld Data, writes that it might seem unusual to think about using green practices in facilities like data centers, but there is actually a “natural synergy” here because both are concerned with issues of energy management.

Shacklett opens her article by providing statistics about the astonishing amount of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions that US buildings are responsible for. She shows how these statistics make energy efficiency an extremely important topic that all facilities management staff should be invested in.

Shacklett then outlines four strategies that facilities management can use, which are: conducting energy audits, acquiring energy management analytics software, considering facility reductions, and working with vendors to locate experts that can assist with redesigning space and options for maximizing energy efficiency.

The article closes with Shacklett’s reflection that once data centers have begun to lead the way with these energy-saving practices, other areas of company operations will notice the cost savings and begin to apply these techniques too. The whole company will then benefit.

Read the full article on TechRepublic at 4 ways to apply green data center practices to building facilities

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