BBP uses data science to help buildings go green

In a recent interview with Vivien Shiao of The SME Magazine, CEO Poyan Rajamand discussed how Barghest Building Performance (BBP) uses data analytics to save its clients millions of dollars in energy costs by monitoring and fine-tuning their HVAC systems in real time. He also discussed how he and BBP co-founder En-Ping Ong came up with the idea for this innovative company, some of BBP’s latest developments and achievements, and Rajamand’s own plans for the future as the energy management industry continues to grow.

Rajamand told SME Magazine that 2018 has been a big year for BBP. The company raised $45M from a global investment firm, enabling them to exceed growth goals and focus on expanding in new markets across Asia.

Rajamand also emphasized how BBP is committed to helping both clients and the environment. Clients save energy costs by optimizing current buildings and HVAC systems instead of constructing entirely new ones. Also, as of last year, they can take advantage of a yearly subscription basis instead investing upfront. However, saved water and energy also means less impact on the environment and greater sustainability.

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